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Ultimate Motorcycle Garage

Build Series

What is it?

The Ultimate Motorcycle Garage is a YouTube series presented by Chaseontwowheels, where the audience will be taken along on a journey of transforming an ordinary garage into The Ultimate Motorcycle Garage. This build series will be an exciting ride. One full of trial and error, learning along the way as viewers experience the entire process together with Chase. 


What is the C2W Pit Crew?

The C2W Pit Crew is anyone who shows their support for this exciting project. From social media shares to encouragement, rocking the UMG "merch" to sponsoring, the Pit Crew is a collective group of enthusiasts geared up for this unique ride. 


How can I support?

Quite literally, you can support by being supportive. Beyond that, supporters are able to purchase a limited edition line of merchandise made specifically for this garage build series. The apparel line includes t-shirts, long sleeve tees, hoodies and a t-shirt cut for the ladies! Show your support and grab a shirt by clicking here



Decals are another way to show your enthusiasm for the Ultimate Motorcycle Garage series. The decals come in two color options as shown below. Gold decals are a Limited Special Edition decal, with 250 available. Purchasing a gold or silver decal will give supporters the option of putting his or her name in the "Pit Crew" section that will be shown at the end of each of each videos in this build series. 



Why are Gold decals Limited Edition?

Gold decals are a Special Limited Edition decal available to the supporters who want to be part of a very special art piece. Chase will be making a one of a kind art piece to hang in the new garage once the garage build is complete. Due to the nature of the art piece, only certain number of names are able to be used in the design. This gives the option to put your name in the Ultimate Motorcycle Garage that will be shown in many future videos. 

Where can I get the decals?

Right here!...keep scrolling...


*read update below if you were trying to get a gold decal


With all of that being said, I hope you guys are as ecstatic as I am for this series to kick off!!! I can't wait to take you guys through the ins and outs of this experience and building what we come to discover as the best garage for a motorcycle rider. To make updates easy, I will be updating this page with the episodes as they are released on the YouTube channel with new info down below! Make sure to check back in to see the newest updates. Thanks so much for your ever growing love and support. 

See you guys in the new garage!


Garage Updates!

Episode 00

Let's build THE Ultimate Motorcycle Garage!

In this introductory episode to the series, Chase explains the series and let's everyone know how to join the #c2wpitcrew and make this series a reality!



Update 01


Wow! Seems as if the supply did not meet the demand and the 250 gold decals sold out in less than 8 hours. First off, I have to say it means so much to me that you guys are as pumped for this build series as I am! Your support means so much, you have no idea. Thank you! Secondly, while the silver decals are still available, I don't want you guys feeling like you missed out. Because of the overwhelming support with the gold decals, I'm going to be working on another way of incorporating everyone's name that order a silver decal, including those of you who grabbed one while the gold were still available. Once I come up with what I'd like to do with the other names, I'll be announcing it. This way all of the #c2wpitcrew will be physically represented in the Ultimate Motorcycle Garage. 



Episode 01

It seems like it took forever, but we have finally moved and the first official episode is now live! I give you guys a tour of the new space and walk you through my plans on "what goes where". During this episode I also had some realizations about lighting that we are going to have to get handled moving forward!



Episode 02

What better way to start off a motorcycle garage than upgrading the boring cement flooring. In this episode we take a stab and making a wood floor for the garage using some click-together flooring from Swisstrax. I was shocked at how easy it installed!



Episode 03

I feel like every motorcycle garage, especially something I call ultimate, needs a lift. Well that's exactly what I got. This is also the first episode that I am joined by a guest! Doitwithdan provided some much needed comedic relief.



Episode 04

Since I am renting this garage there is no way for me to do too much to the walls. Because of this I decided to go with a textured wallpaper that resembled white brick. This really helped give the space that "studio" vibe. Also, in this episode, I am joined by my fiance Heather who was a serious help in getting this wallpaper up!



Episode 05

Dan is back in episode 5 of building the Ultimate Motorcycle Garage. This time we bring in all the heavy pieces of furniture and a few shenanigans "may have" ensued. 



Episode 06

What's the point of an awesome garage if you have no tools to work on you'r bikes with? At least that was my mentality when ordering the tools I did. I also go over some of the specialty tools I picked up to help out with motorcycle related tasks!



Episode 07

Building things with my hands has never been a strong suit of mine but I'll be damned if I will let that stop me from building my dream motorcycle gear rack! If might have taken forever and not be the most sturdy, but in this episode I built my own rack to hold all my motorcycle gear!



Episode 08

If there has been on thing that has plagued the garage it's lighting. The temporary lighting worked for a while but at long last, in this episode we finally install some proper lighting! LET THERE BE LIGHT!!